Thursday, April 28, 2011


It is SPRING! Yes, I know, it has been "officially" spring for a while now, but we finally have had warm weather, flowers are blooming, and two little boys smell like dirt and sweat. So with that, this is how I know Spring is here to stay:

10. I've fixed approximately 4,335 cuts and bumps in the last week. Okay, so maybe more like 4,094.

9. I'm killing spiders like it is a sport.

8. The Ferret has stolen borrowed two of my mixing bowls to make "wo-um farms".

7. I've realized how white, white legs can really be. Yikes.

6. The dog thinks chasing stray/horny cats is fun.

5. I smelled a skunk as soon as I walked out onto our porch one early morning and hightailed it back into the house because my luck I'd interrupt his nap on the porch.

4. I'm at the end of the week before finals and I'm doing everything in my power to NOT study. I'm brilliant at being evasive.

3. Mr. Helpful is biting at the bit to get his Volkswagen ready to drive.

2. Weasel fell out of a tree.

1. I'm looking forward to the smell of dead fish wafting off a certain large lake
near by.