Friday, July 8, 2011


There are times when things around here seem to go by so fast. We're gearing up for a week long family vacation, so emotions are running high around here. When I put the boys down for their nap today, I knew something was brewing since Ferret climbed into Weasel's bed. Bad things happen when the sleep deprived come together. It wasn't too long before I had to remind them about not getting in trouble since I am busy packing. Apparently, my wonderful mothering technique failed and somehow (Weasel really doesn't know how) Ferret was struck and he started crying.

And here is where the bitter/sweet aspect of Mothering shows:

Through his tears Ferret stated, "He [Weasel] should be grounded if he keeps this up!".

What a mom hears: Punish my brother, but not right now or ever - because he is my brother and I love him.


And from the top bunk came this:

"I feel so stupid when I do things like that".

What a mom hears: Frustration of growing up. Frustration of not being able to express feelings. Frustration...

As I climbed onto the top bunk to comfort a child (who at the moment felt so lost) I realized that now I am entering a time that is going to be most important for my babies to overcome - learning how to grow; and learning how to overcome bumps that can leave bruises.


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